NFCS first opened the doors in 1896. Mr. Speed was the proprietor, and sold everything from bicycles to milk. The store stayed in the family for several years before it changed hands. Through the years the store has had several owners, and NFCS has seen its ups and downs. What has never changed is how the locals feel about “their” store. I have had several customers come in the store that have fond memories of their youth when they came into the store, with such a smile that you can only have by having such a fond memory.

Leroy and Charlotte Legg lived in Alaska for 35 plus years. Leroy was an air traffic controller with the FAA and Charlotte owned and operated two popular restaurants and a busy catering business in Kenai, AK.

Charlotte loves to cook and likes to “re-invent” the wheel with contemporary flares. Charlotte started her cooking career by cooking on dude ranches in Colorado and Jackson Hole, WY.

Leroy was up for retirement, and the couple had been looking into a country store for a couple of years. March of 2009, they found their store, or as Leroy states, “the store found us”. Charlotte looked on Craig’s list, and saw the listing for the store. Taking one look at the pictures made the couple pursue their dream, and in July 2009, the Legg’s bought NFCS.

The community opened their arms to the Legg’s, and supported them everyway anyone could imagine. They greeted them with a welcoming party. Later when their belongings came from Alaska, 22 locals helped unload a 20 ft container on a Wed. night.

The town of Newfields and store was the answer to what was going to come next for the Legg’s and they have never looked back.

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